The API usage policy and rules

We built the Schooltraq API to be powerful and fully featured, offering developers flexibility and control when they build or extend applications with Schooltraq in mind.

Although we want to establish flexibility and freedom, applications using the Schooltraq API should follow the below usage policy and rules. These limitations ensure that users have a consistent experience and that the API remains available for everyone.

Connecting to the Schooltraq API

One request at a time. If you’re running multiple requests, please ensure that that you run one request at a time (don’t start the next request until the first has finished). Concurrent requests are not allowed. Connections initiated via a direct user action are always allowed, even if they become concurrent.

Be a good neighbor. Although rate limiting is not enabled, we ask that you be a good neighbor. Critical Schooltraq applications also use the API, so it is important that you space your requests out and ensure that you do not overload the system.

Time-based synchronization. You can run a request when a user explicitly requests it, or to preform automated synchronization. Automated requests should not take place more than once every ten minutes per user.

No aggregate requests. You should not perform requests to obtain information in aggregate, for your own metrics or reporting, at any time.

Maintaining the Schooltraq brand and identity

Don’t imply that we made it. You should not use Schooltraq’s brand and identity to imply that your application is developed or supported by Schooltraq.

Attribute your API access. You should make clear to the user that the data is from the Schooltraq system. We want users to know that the data being used is coming from their Schooltraq account.

Do not include the Schooltraq logo or graphics. Only use the Schooltraq name in text; do not use our logo, graphics, and don’t imply our involvement by using our distinct style.

Small stylistic pet peeves

“Powered by”. To indicate your usage of the Schooltraq API, you should use the phrase “Powered by the Schooltraq API” or “Powered by your Schooltraq data” and not any other phrase (in this context, of course).

It’s a course, not a class. Schooltraq’s policy is to refer to courses as courses, not classes. To reduce ambiguity, please do not use “class” or any other term in a primary context. If your or other software that you integrate also uses another term, you can use them in conjunction. For example, “Course/lecture” is okay, but “Class/lecture” is not.

Schooltraq only capitalizes the first letter of its name. Please don’t call use “SchoolTraq” or “School Traq” — Schooltraq is stylized as one word, and only the first letter is capitalized.