Frequently asked questions about patronage

What is the Schooltraq Patron program?

Schooltraq users like yourself offset our costs and support development by paying for our services. Users who pay a small monthly due are Patrons. They receive special access to new features and, most importantly, our immense gratitude.

The cost of becoming a Patron fluctuates from time-to-time. It’s currently much less than the cost of a coffee each month. Everyone starts out with 30 days of Patron status.

Why should I become a Patron and support Schooltraq?

Developing Schooltraq and paying for its continued uptime and availability is not free. We’ve spent a lot of time and money making Schooltraq the best it can, and each day we spend even more to ensure that it remains on the Internet.

Paying for Schooltraq allows us to remain devoted to you, the user, and not an external party like a shareholder or advertiser. You help pay for the services we provide. For less than the cost of a coffee each month, you can trust that there will be no advertisements or marketing rubbish.

This is honest business — we’re students too!

What’s the difference between a free account and a Patron account?

Right now, Patron accounts enjoy priority support. We’ll be releasing Patron-specific features very soon.

Why does patronage charge yearly?

We save on transaction fees when we charge yearly; these savings are passed onto you. We also guarantee that we’ll cover a full school/academic year through to its end.

Can I get a non-renewing patronage?

If you don’t want your patronage to automatically renew, simply subscribe to patronage and then, after your patronage begins (you’ll see the “active” description on your payments page), cancel your plan within the year. You will only be charged once, and your payment will last you through the year.

Can I use my account if I’m not a Patron?

Yes. You can also join the Patron program whenever you’d like.